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 Alice Johnson 


Originally from York and just finished studying American and Canadian Studies at the University of Birmingham. Spent a very fun year studying abroad in the US at Pitzer College and hope to get back over there and pursue further studying/writing soon. Obviously my choice of tea is Yorkshire tea, every time.


 Celine Shaw 


I am originally from Macau, and grew up in Beijing and Seattle. Currently I am an incoming fourth year at the University of St Andrews studying Biomolecular Science (Biology and Chemistry). I aspire to apply my education into pharmaceuticals or clinical sciences, and hopefully contribute to healthcare innovation! I never refuse a cup of tea and my current go-to is a rich and nutty Rooibos.


 John Taylor 


I was reared in London and study Chemical Engineering with Management at the University of Edinburgh. As passionate as I am about engineering, I plan to go straight into finance after my degree. I like all teas so long as it has no more than a smidge of milk.


 Will Peppercorn 


From Bath, I am a Film & Television graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, doing an MA in Directing Fiction at the National Film & Television School. I have written, directed and edited all my own films to date. My films have been screened at a number of national and international festivals such as the New Renaissance Film Festival London, BFI Scene, Bath Film Festival etc. Two of my more recent films: Running After, won best student film at the UK Film Festival 2019 and We Three was nominated for Best Drama at the Scottish Royal Television Society Awards 2019.


 Claire Utomi 


I’m a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the USA, minoring in Energy and Sustainability. Originally from Nigeria, and an American citizen, some of my favorite experiences revolve around travel and experiencing new cultures. I’m helping build Vintro, an amazing startup supporting entrepreneurs and following the path of life wherever it swirls. I’m not actually a tea drinker, but I love a good hot chocolate!


 Scarlett Stitt 


London has been my home since I was born, and I’m currently studying English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. I’m an actor and hope that the future of theatre remains bright post-Covid 19. Coffee is the love of my life and I drink it all the time, but I also seriously vibe with a night time peppermint tea (especially in the bath).


 Lily Parmar 


I study French and Spanish at the University of Oxford with an interest in intersections between psychology, politics and childhood in Hispanic literature. I'm hoping to be a writer or a psychologist or a writer of psychology. I only drink coffee but once found a shop selling coffee in tea bags if that counts


 Owen Camryn Jenkins 


Hi, I'm Camryn. I come from and have lived in Kenya for most of my life, but I am currently studying Hospitality and Tourism at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan as a first year student. My dream is to one day open up my own Restaurant and be Kenya's first Michelin star chef. I'm an International Baccalaureate graduate, and my hobbies include cooking and public speaking. 


 Sarah Davidson 


I am from Hong Kong and have just graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in History. I'd like to go on to do a masters in human rights law. My favourite tea is a classic English Breakfast.


 Zelda Solomon 


I study History of Art at the University of Edinburgh and most interested in decolonising art and popular culture. This year I’ve worked with Bedlam Theatre as the BAME liberation officer and co-founded the SexyAiansInUrAreaDying2meetU theatre company. In my writing, I try to point myself towards the ways systemic forces act without us knowing. I am also fun to be around. My favourite tea is the college admissions scandal.


 Christoffer Nielsen 


I am studying International Relations and Politics at the University of Dundee where I will graduate this summer. A Dane curious about the world and global politics, with a burning passion for Europe but with a beating heart for my home city, Copenhagen. When I am not thinking about how we can move the European Union forward, I enjoy literature, jazz, films and wanders around the city. I am a devoted coffee drinker (some would say addict), but I do very much enjoy my Earl Grey in the evenings.


 Marina Aspinall 


I’m a Law student at the University of Edinburgh going into my final year, and spent the previous academic year on exchange at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Once I’ve completed my degree I will almost certainly sell my soul to the world of commercial law, if they’ll have me. I come from Oxford and believe that almost anything can be solved by a cup of peppermint tea.


 Mani Seeber 


From Tehran, I study Politics, Philosophy and Economics, in combination with Law, at the ANU in Australia (or down under if you prefer). Studying four different disciplines makes choosing a personal favorite difficult, but I find that Philosophy offers a lowest common denominator. It also rewards deep inquiry into problems that often have no real-world application, which is exciting. At the very least Law serves a real-world purpose. Tea? Well: the deepest and strongest black tea you’d find in a Turkish bazaar. If it makes a cup of double shot espresso seem like a cup of melatonin, I am satisfied.


 Franziska Globisch 


I am a double major master’s level student in Clinical Psychology and Translational Neuroscience at the University of Würzburg, Germany. My primary focus in the modern sciences are the biological and neurological components of psychology and neuroscience, trying to combine medical research and therapy in psychiatric populations. Without my daily green tea, my patience test negative.


 Caitlin Smyth 


I study Biomedical Sciences specialising in Pharmacology at the University of Edinburgh. I have Luxembourgish, Irish, and British passports which simplifies a more existential answer to the question ‘where are you from?’. I’m hoping to use my interest in the pharmaceutical industry for positive change without spending time in a lab; whether that be increasing the accessibility of information available to the general public or working on its policies. My favourite tea is a matcha iced latte (which I contest does still count as tea). 


 Pranav Nair 


I was born in New Delhi, India, but since I was 15, I've called Texas my home. I studied Physics and Liberal Arts at the University of Texas, at Austin, graduating in 2020. I'm planning on pursuing a Master's in Computer Science and working in the renewable energy industry. Setting my professional aspirations aside, though, if you catch me at a party, I would probably either be talking about the mind-blowing scientific soundness of the movie Interstellar, or why Mikel Arteta is the ideal coach to take Arsenal to Premier League glory once again. Favourite tea: chai.

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 Campbell Edmonds 


I study a double degree of Law and Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) at the Australian National University. My interests are anything to do with a good time. Tea preference is anything black.


 Sarah O'Malley-Graham 


I am sometimes mistaken for an Austinite but was in fact born to an Irish mother and an American father in Singapore. I am taking a short break from my studies, but will be finishing my degree in Radio-Television-Film at the University of Texas at Austin. I have a keen interest in writing, directing, and acting. My two goals in life are to make art and help others. Although my mother hails from a country of avid tea-drinkers, I do not drink tea myself. The family’s preference is Barry's.


 Cesca Echlin 


I am currently studying a masters in Text and Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and Birkbeck College. Outside of writing, I am training to be a theatre director and usually spend my time attending performances in London. I also love comedy and am a massive fan of the Real Housewives franchise


 Jemma Jamin 


Hello! I’m Jemma from Cambridge! I read Architecture at the University of Edinburgh, and am currently taking part in an ERASMUS exchange at the University of Stuttgart! As a keen environmentalist, I aspire to use my degree to work with existing buildings and materials, especially those that are likely to be demolished or fall into disrepair and materials that have a large carbon footprint. Controversially, my favourite tea is an 18-minute-brewed English Breakfast, tea bag removed WITHOUT IT BEING SQUEEZED, topped off with a healthy dash of dairy alternative milk.

apparently the only photo of my face tha

 Samuel Shepherd 


Originally from a farm in the Cotswolds, I ventured away from the safety of my homestead to study Biology at Imperial College London. Academically speaking, I’m interested in plants, hydroponics and the neuroscience of emotion. Outside this, I guess I can sum my hobbies up to reading long books and getting very cold.


 Lauren Simkin 


After graduating last year in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh, I am pursuing a master's in Clinical Neuroscience at the King's College London. My home is in London but I plan to settle down somewhere warmer and less cloudy. I'm not an avid tea drinker (very un-British of me) but if I had to name my favourite brand it would probably be Earl Grey. 


 Luca Iovino 


I study Economics at the University of Warwick. I reside in London and that’s about all I know in regards to my future. I would like to work in Finance, something to do with tax preferably. My favourite tea is mint. I like to think it energises me.


 Alexandra Shilson 


Based in Scotland, I study English Literature at the University of Edinburgh, and at the moment I’m specifically interested in literature about childhood. This year I wrote and directed with Bedlam Theatre. I also write music and have composed on several student plays. I like my tea brewed in a teapot but I am very embarrassed about this so I will take it however it comes.


 Georgia Lea 


I'm doing my PhD at the Babraham Institute, University of Cambridge, UK, studying the Epigenetics of the developing placenta. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Leeds, in Biochemistry during which I did a year in industry with AstraZeneca, working at the beautiful Alderley Park. I have a keen interest in mental health, equality in the work place and pubic engagement with science. During these strange times I've come to rely heavily on yoga, which I picked up during a particularly rough patch of my PhD - 10/10 would recommend! (The yoga, not the PhD)


 Sophie Dowdy 


Hi! My name is Sophie. I recently graduated from Wellesley College with a double major in Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies. I am passionate about prison abolition, apocalypse, and the ways gender interacts with the former two issues. Having moved to the United States 4 years ago, I am a coffee convert, and will drink anything as long as it has milk and sugar in it. 


 Sophie Penman 


I grew up in Edinburgh and now study Geography at the University of Edinburgh. After university, I plan to do a masters in urban planning or landscape architecture, but I’d also love to pursue my passion for writing music and performing. I am a strong tea enthusiast but a classic English breakfast tea always does the trick for me.


 Tom Gardner 


I'm a recent History graduate from the University of Edinburgh with a free-trial-subscription addiction, and unrelated debts.  Funnily enough, I am interested in the overlap between sectors. I also like Space. My home is in London, heart in Edinburgh, head on Mars, and stomach in Prague, but most importantly, my tea is Twinings' Earl Grey.


 Charlotte Jiang 


Born and raised in London, I’m currently entering my final year of studying Art History and English at the University of St Andrews. After graduating, I hope to read a Masters which will (hopefully) buy me some time before I figure out what it is I want to do! I love all things books, Cross-fit and food (a bit oxymoronic perhaps, but each compliments the other). My favourite tea is a good ol’ cup of builders breakfast brew: reliable, full-bodied and hearty. 


 Sam Basel 


I’m a graduate of New York’s Fordham University, where i got my undergraduate degree in Journalism. I want to rant about sports for a living, but can do so about other subjects from time to time. Much like Kendall Jenner, my tea of choice is Pepsi.

Bashirat 3.jpg

 Bashirat Oladele 


Born and raised in Dublin and now living in London. I study Law and Sociology at the University of Warwick.  When I'm not stanning BTS, you'll find me reading YA fiction, writing, or watching Netflix. Not exactly sure what I want to be but would love to write for international publications in the future, publish a best-selling book, and ultimately make an impact.  I'm not a fan of tea or coffee. 


 Tireni Odubiyi 


Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, I currently study Liberal Arts at the University of Warwick. Studying liberal arts means that I have to explain my degree to everyone I meet but on the plus side, I get to combine modules across different departments and tailor-make my degree which I decided will be sociology focused. Although I’m not sure of the specific career I will have in the future, I know that my job will have to involve writing and content creation. I’m controversially not a fan of tea or coffee but I'm always up for a mug of hot chocolate.


 John Tanguay 


I was an undergrad in New York City where I studied Computer Science but currently attend Trinity Business School in Dublin where I focus on Operations & Supply Chain Management. I’m an avid reader, cyclist, and lover of Daft Punk. I also row occasionally. I’m a sucker for gas station coffee but will never refuse a fresh brew of rooibos.


 Leo O'Mahony 


I’m a Philosophy and Politics student at the University of Edinburgh, born and raised in London. I want to be the first man to walk on the Moon, working hard on that, so fingers crossed for me. I’m also way cooler than the graphic designer nerd. My favourite tea would have to be the letter, I love the way it sits between the R and the Y on a QWERTY keyboard.


 Joshua Vitzthum 


Torn between the UK and Germany, I currently study Politics and History at the University of Edinburgh. Having lived in the UAE, the UK, Germany and, most recently, California, my main interests are international relations and diplomacy. I spend many a day absorbing history to uncover solutions to today’s transnational tribulations.  With regards to tea: in Germany we brew beer!


 Carlo Francis 


Definitely more Italian (from Milan) than English but tend to pick and choose the aspects from both cultures that make me look best. I study Spanish and Portuguese at University College London...well, studied - rather unwilling to accept it’s over. I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m unlikely to score the winner for Arsenal in the Champions League final. I guess the realistic option is to procrastinate into my 30s and have my dreams slowly fade away alongside my desire to achieve them. My choice of tea really depends on when, where, who with and how I’m feeling. Let’s just say, of the 13 cups of hot beverages I have a day the most consumed of which is Earl Grey - if you put milk in it, I’ll hit you.


 Henry Parsons 


Originally from London, and though not technically a student yet, I'm about to start studying Spanish and English Literature at the University of Bristol. I have no idea what I want to do in the future but hopefully something linguistics. In an attempt to avoid choosing Earl Grey, I would say my favourite tea is Lapsang Souchong.


 Ella Radley 


Originally from London, and though not technically a student yet, I'm about to start studying Spanish and English Literature at the University of Bristol. I have no idea what I want to do in the future but hopefully something linguistics. In an attempt to avoid choosing Earl Grey, I would say my favourite tea is Lapsang Souchong.


 Margaret Saunders 


From Washington DC, a recent graduate of Architecture and Urban Studies from Yale University. I am interested in the cross-section of public design and social impact, with a recent focus on design and implementation of playgrounds in cities. Currently taking a gap year to teach English in France before pursuing graduate studies in Urban Planning. I like nettle root and licorice tea.


 Martina Sardelli 


I study Biology and Philosophy at the University of St Andrews and have an ongoing love affair with the intersections between art and science. I’m Luxembourgish, Italian and Danish (my version of a “triple threat”) and hail from Luxembourg. In my spare time I love to act in plays, bake and come up with slogans catchier than ABBA songs for the social media marketing I’m involved with. As St Andrews is the “Home of Golf” I’m contractually obliged to say that my favourite tea is the tee.


 Elena Pavāre 


From Riga, I study Civil Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and last year I was on an exchange at the University of Texas at Austin. A cup of ginger tea always helps me stay focused on my goal of doing water engineering.


 Olivier Morland 


An Englishman in New York. An Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Sheffield. Now a Professional Virtual Reality Developer and amateur writer (as you can tell).


 Gabrielle Showalter 


Originally from New York, I'm in my 4th year studying English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. Hobbies include nursing a mild caffeine dependency, buying poetry collections I forget to read, and making a futile effort to keep houseplants alive (I always overwater them). Like every other English major, I want to go into the publishing industry. Before moving to the UK, I would have said my favourite tea was “no”, but now it’s Yorkshire with a splash of milk.


 Chester Briscall-Harvey 


From Dover, I am soon to graduate from the Film & Television course at the Edinburgh College of Art. Though I have taken the opportunity to write and direct my own shorts, I have shot several of my course mates’ and intend to enter the industry in the camera department. Yorkshire tea runs in my veins!


 Sebastian Godoy 


I grew up in the Panhandle of Texas and recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Genetics. I am moving to attend the University of Maryland to pursue a Master in Public Health Policy Analysis and Evaluation. Unfortunately, I am a fake tea lover but I found this Black Tea with notes of dried orange and warm spices that is a cinnamon-y delight.


 Matthew Beale 


History student from Cambridge going into my fourth year at the University of Edinburgh, currently social distancing in Austin, Texas. I hope to either work in sustainability or the Civil Service, but a panic masters is definitely a distinct possibility. I’m not an avid tea drinker but I don’t mind an Earl Grey every now and then.

Alex T.jpg

 Alexandra Townshend 


From London, I study French and History at the University of Edinburgh, and I just finished a year at Sciences-Po, Lyon. After my degree I plan on working in the sustainability sector, and I will do my best to channel my inner Greta Thunberg. Admittedly I am a failure as an English and Irish national as I don’t really like tea.


 Poppy Richler 


Based in London, I was born in Toronto and study History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. My favourite fields are 20th century German & American art, so hopefully I can do something surrounding this in my career, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for something in the music realm! I’m not so much of a tea person so would have to go with a coffee if the option’s there.


 Seunfunmi Adenugba 


I'm from Nigeria and I am currently in my third year of my Law undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen. I don't have a clear picture on what I want out of life except that whatever it is, I hope I'm successful and creative at it.


 Olivia Rani Bessant 


I graduated from Worcester College, Oxford with a degree in Law with Law Studies in Europe, and am now back home in London studying Human Rights at University College London, and illustrating children's books. Given my dual Indian and English heritage tea is an integral part of my routine and social interactions! I particularly like Lady Grey. After living in Holland I still like putting a stroopwafel on top of the mug - the steam warms and softens the honey centre!


 Jason Ching 


Although born in Durham, I have lived in London for most of my life. Having just finished studying Music at Royal Holloway, I am embarking on a career in teaching, and hope to increase the accessibility and importance of music education, working with children from disadvantaged backgrounds who otherwise would not have any access. My favourite tea depends on the time of day, but Rooibos has got to be up there as the most versatile.


 Ella Kennedy 


Studying Performance Making MA at Goldsmiths, having done a theatre undergrad at Leeds, I’m a writer and performance artist living in London. My research concerns identity, gender and autobiography. My performance company BLOOM creates work that celebrates the wonderful in the everyday through a visual, tangible and experiential art. I am now trying to marry my interest in identity theory and autobiographical theatre with my own practice, writing experimentally on my own autobiography and exploring other’s presentation of themselves. 


 Elvis Gleeson 


I grew up on the South East Coast of Australia in a small town called Moruya. Since then, I’ve ventured to Canberra to take up a PhB in Philosophy at the Australian National University. When I’m not studying Ethics, I’m running my own software company, Thorial. It’s a busy schedule that I can only manage with the help of my favourite white powder: caster sugar in a nice cup of Earl Grey.


 Eammon Gumley 


I am a Politics, Philosophy, and Economics student at the Australian National University based in Canberra. I am interested in developing and discovering realistic, effective, and moral approaches to the many problems of the world. I spend a lot of my time writing about topics such as international security and philosophy. My favourite tea is Twinings Australian Afternoon.  


 Honor McGrigor 


I am currently studying Psychology and Art History at the University of St. Andrews. I like walking (whether that be at home in the fields of Oxfordshire or along the beach in St. Andrews), always with a book in my bag and a cup of coffee in hand.

John 2.jpg

 John Baert 


I'm a senior studying Statistics at Columbia University in New York City. I am a stonemason by trade and student by night. For food, I make pancakes, pasta, and stuffed peppers. On Youtube, I mostly watch alley cat race footage, Benoit Paire rage montages, and Beauden Barrett highlights. At night, I often think about traveling. As for tea, Kusmi: boost.

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