Director's Note

Who are we? Well,  CRXSS is an international, interdisciplinary platform featuring content created by students studying across the academic spectrum, using a range of creative mediums, to facilitate wider student engagement from more than one degree, and more than one campus or country.

It seems to me that the world of student media has become saturated with similar voices in a world brimming with complex issues which deserve input from every academic corner. It tends to be unrepresentative of its constituents' diversity of academic and geographical backgrounds, and I’d quite like us to change that.

So, in late December, I nervously poked about to see what people thought. As it turned out, there was an appetite for interdisciplinary content despite the mouthful of syllables. I found chemists also cared about human rights and historians also dreamt of space travel. Who'd have thought, eh?

Notification by notification, with the help of far too much tea on a wee balcony in Austin, some semblance of a magazine tottered into sight. Without institutional sponsorship of any kind, this small corner of the internet has been built and nourished from the ground up by students and students alone. 

Here we are, eleven months later; somehow CRXSS is finally up and running, having survived the academic work that we probably should have seen coming and a pandemic that we definitely didn’t, to hopefully offer up something interesting for everyone. Quality content made by students, for students - but also - as a vibrant portfolio for older generations to absorb, acknowledge and appreciate.

It was tempting to explain 'CRXSS' as neither a platform for porn nor preachers – but, after being rightly advised that if I wanted people to take me seriously, I should probably lead by example. I have elected to give you the honest explanation: interdisciplinary just sounds a lot less cool. I couldn't think of a better place to begin than drawing on the climate activist that lives in us all, one uncompromising placard at a time.


Founder & Director

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